Thursday, July 19, 2012

Therapy Dachshund Celebrates Third Birthday

Happy Birthday to 'Wall-E' - Therapy Dachshund Extraordinaire!  Wall-E got a surprise birthday party on Monday at the Prince William Area Agency on Aging's Senior Day Program center in Woodbridge, Virginia.  Excerpt from Insidenova:

The dog’s third birthday was highlighted by doggie tricks, games and a highlight for him—a small ice cream sandwich all his own.

His owner and trainer, Nancy Jo Rapalee, gave him some peanut butter ice cream after a room full of people of all ages sang “Happy Birthday.”

Three other therapy dogs named Missy, Oliver and Sage, barked during the song and showed their support for their furry colleague.

But that wasn’t all, Wall-E and his fellow canine pals from Manassas Therapy Dogs did some tricks for the crowd. Kids at the party also had some toys to keep them busy, too.

Evelena McPherson, a participant in the day program, sat in her chair and smiled ear-to-ear as Rapalee brought the dog of honor to her lap.

“I love him,” she said as she pet his back and neck. “He’s a precious little dog.”

Read more and see more photos at Insidenova.  

He is pretty precious.

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Eliza57 said...

Angels with fur! Seeing how dogs & cats can bring people back to life in senior facilities touches one's heart. Simply by "being" and letting themselves be loved on and loving is such a wonderful gift. Thank you so much for sharing this story and the pictures that went with it.

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