Thursday, July 26, 2012

38 Dachshunds Rescued From Texarkana Arkansas Home

Seen here are nineteen - just half - of the thirty-eight Dachshunds rescued from a Texarkana, Arkansas home last week by Jeff Tarpley Rescue out of Cedar Park, Texas.  Mr. Tarpley, who runs his own rescue group, got a call from a man in his 60's who said he and his wife had too many dogs.  This is what he saw when he opened the door to their home. 
The Associated Press reports:

All of the dogs have names, but Tarpley says he suspects the couple made up the names on the spot when the rescue group arrived.
The couple told Tarpley that they got two dogs 10 years ago but never had them spayed or neutered — and this was the result.

These guys could be poster-dogs for a spay and neuter campaign.  Ten of the dogs were taken to Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas, while others were sent to a Texarkana kennel or placed in foster homes.

The number of Dachshunds increased from thirty eight the very next day after the rescue when newborn puppies made their appearance into this world. 

Donations to help these guys are being accepted at ChipIn. 

Keep up with this rescue at Jeff Tarpley Rescue's Facebook Page.


Reuben said...

I is so glad these doggies is safe now, and I knows Jeff is a good rescue people, but does anyone have a knowing for why the handsome doxie, 3rd from the left, has an invisible tail?

Alison said...

Diamond Dachsund Rescue is having a fundraising auction on their Facebook page this week. Good luck to them and all those hungry little mouths they have to feed!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. I see a couple of white ones in that group... that does not bode well for doxies. I hope those poor things aren't blind and/or deaf due to poor genetics and breeding.

Unknown said...

I adopted one of these dogs from diamond dachsund rescue and she is the sweetest little dog ever just very timid. She was obviously never socialized. I hope all of these dogs get the great homes they deserve.

Unknown said...

Where can they be seen? How are the puppies?

Petmommy said...

Adoption available?
My neighbors just lost two recently.
One was blind
The other 17

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