Friday, June 22, 2012

Kate Spade Dachshund

Thanks so much to the Dynamic Duo 'Duncan' and 'Cosmo' for writing in:

Dear Joey and Rowdy,

Hey guys, our mom is a bit of a fashion nut, so when this Kate Spade photo showed up in her inbox this morning, she just had to forward it to you. There's more about this handsome guy on their blog too:

we can't resist a handsome guy in a suit-especially when he's of the furry variety. our latest crush, brady, stole hearts (and a few snacks) on the set of our summer web shoot. we asked his momager, suzy k., about his dapper doggy style and future modeling his mug.

who’s this handsome hound?
brady kelsay.

what are his stats: age, breed, etc.?
he's a long-haired dachshund, and he's eight-years-old.

is this his first turn in the spotlight?
surprisingly yes, but he's been admired all his life.

sum up his style.
low-key frizzy chic.

is he a backyard-digger or more of a city stutter?
although he was born in the city, he has quickly become an avid chipmunk-chaser in the 'burbs.

does he do any special tricks?
he says, "please, that's for amateur dogs, wouldn't you say?"

how does he like to pass his days?
sleeping on his back waiting for his mom to come home and give him chicken treats.

will he be woofing it up on the big screen any time soon?
maybe, but he's very selective.

From our Fashion Hounds Duncan and Cosmo (front):   Anyway, we're going to get back to burrowing under the covers and doing more masculine dachshund things.  Sheesh.

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