Monday, June 11, 2012

14 Dachshunds Perish In Fire

Images of Some Available Dachshunds at Dachshund Idaho Rescue on Adopt a Pet

We're woofless.  Our hearts go out to Karen McCombs, her husband Robert, and their son, Sean, 16, who hail from Fruitland, Idaho.  Mrs. McCombs operates Dachshund Idaho Rescue out of her home there, and it was lost to fire on Saturday afternoon, along with 14 Dachshunds.  She got her 1st dachshund in 1967 and showed them for over a decade, with some champions achieved.  This rescue has going strong since 2003, placing over 100 Dachshunds and dachsie mixes.  Excerpt from The Idaho Statesman:

A Fruitland couple and their son lost just about everything they owned Saturday afternoon, after a fire tore through a single-wide trailer they were renting.
The family were all home at the time of the blaze, but they say they weren't able to act fast enough to save many of the dogs.
"I was asleep. I have bronchitis," McCombs said. She said her son was in the living room, and her husband was in the kitchen. She said the fire started out on the front porch.
"It was just like out of nowhere," McCombs said. "It just burned so fast that we could not get it under control."
McCombs said she was able to save four dogs — three dachshunds and an Akita.
The American Red Cross responded to the scene and provided vouchers for three nights at a motel in Ontario, Ore.
McCombs said she and her husband, both in their mid-60s and on Social Security, would welcome any help. They are staying at the Oregon Inn in Ontario, Room #4. Reach them at 208-695-4761.
McCombs provided their clothing sizes: boys large shirts, 34 x 30 pants, size 11 or 12 men's shoes; size 14 women's clothes and XL men's shirts and 38 x 30 pants.

Please visit the rescue's facebook page where you can find contact information, as well as an address for donations, which will be posted soon. 

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Anonymous said...

How absolutely heart breaking!

Lovable Lily said...

Our hearts are breaking right now! Not only is it devistating losing your home, but to lose your beloved pets on top of it!

We will try to help in any way that we can.

Lily Belle

Agnes B. Bullock said...

We're getting ready to put together two quilts for the family, like we did for the Houston Pittie Pack earlier this year- Put up a post on our blog, so if you could ask readers to send fabric for the quilts, that will help!

Anonymous said...

So sad for everyone -- the family and little pups, too.

Julie said...

18 dogs in a single wide trailer? Tragic.

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

We Beaglebratz were just so furry much stunned by this tragedy - Beaglez r Houndz tu - just like Doxiez an'we feel like us Houndz NEED tu stick tugether. Our post tuday iz 'boutz this rescue an'all they lost. Whenever we haf a new post on our blog then it goez straight tu mom'z Facebook page. There iz also a Chip-In now that haz bin set up fur green paper donashunz - there iza a link tu it on our post, mom'z FB page an'on the Rescue'z FB page.

We r sooooo furry much sorry that this iz how we met you BUTT we r now followin'your blog.
Shiloh'n Shasta

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