Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dachshunds Around The World: Life In India

We love to feature stories of our favorite four-legged friends as they are seen in different cultures around the world.  One thing we've noticed is that the society may be slightly different, but the Dachshunds, and their love for their humans, is the same everywhere. 
Let's head to India today for this introduction to the "Dashound."

You can watch this video in its complete 18 minutes at NDTV

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Cindy said...

Thanks for posting! My dachsie is wirehaired so I enjoyed seeing fellow wirehairs :)

Tootsie said...

This is really fun. Thanks for posting. Did you see the super chubby doxie at the start?!
Keep on wagging,

Doris said...

I help out at a rescue in Nevada. We see a lot of small dachshunds, very few standards. These guys look HUGE!! to me. Still lovable , don't get me wrong, They seem to shrink as they move West!

Scary Miss Mary said...

I have a standard wirehair (although she is one the small end of standards - 18.5 lbs). Her name is Lonnie and she is my bearded lady! She just loves everyone and is a complete clown most of the time. She likes to "patrol" our yard. At which time she is all seriousness and bark! :)

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