Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Texas Bed & Breakfast/Dachshund Rescue Forced To Cease Rescue Operations

Times are tough, and when you've spent $20,000 caring for dogs last year, and then your insurance company says they won't insure your dog-related claims anymore, something has to give.  Meet Carol Hirschi of Seguin, Texas, and a couple of her rescues.  Carol and her husband operate the Mosheim Mansion Bed & Breakfast, which also doubles as a dog rescue of sorts - usually with 10 - 20 dogs on the property, mostly Dachshunds, waiting for their forever home.  Excerpt from My San Antonio:

The dogs are mostly relegated to separate kennel areas or the backyard of the six-bedroom, three-story building that dates from 1894.
“The dogs aren't allowed in the kitchen or the living areas of the house,” says Hirschi, who, with her long, jet-black hair, exudes an intriguing rock 'n' roll businesswoman vibe. “And guests have to ask permission to go into the kennel or backyard to play with them.”
And even that may soon end as Hirschi prepares to “de-dog” the B&B.
Her reasons?
“We just can't do it anymore,” she says while standing in the backyard, overrun on this damp day by about a dozen canines.
Her current insurer recently informed her that it would no longer cover claims related to the dog rescue operations, nor would it sell her any personal liability to cover her in case a dog bit someone (which has never happened). She called two other insurers and they wouldn't even give her an estimate.
"It's sad," she says. "Only one guest ever complained about barking."
Should a guardian angel appear and offer to write her a big check, she'd reconsider her decision.
But in these hard economic times, she knows that's unlikely.

Read more about this rescue/B&B, and see more photos at My San Antonio. 
Thanks so much to Melinda F. for sending in the link!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for running this story. Sad to see them cease operations.

Melinda in McLean

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