Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hound Group Judging at Crufts 2012

Thanks so much to Elspeth S. for writing in:

Hi there Boys,

I thought you might like to see the Hound Group judging at Crufts on Sunday. It gets interesting about 24 seconds in. Sadly the Mini Dachshund came fourth - he would have been Best in Show if I had been judging.
I love the blog. I'm in Glasgow, Scotland and, oh yes, I have a smooth black-and-tan called George, who is sleeping on my knee as I type.

Thanks again!  We were searching for some videos of Dachshund judging at Crufts, but it looks like nothing was posted this year.  But the extra Dachshund lap in the Hound judging makes it all worthwhile! 

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Anonymous said...

YT has a 50 min hound video up. There's 6 of our little guys being judged. Check out the banter, particularly at the end!

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