Friday, March 16, 2012

Dachshund Trouble: Two Times is a Charm

Has Fredrick Learned His Lesson?

Meet handsome yet troublesome black and tan 'Fredrick,' who hails from Spotswood, New Jersey.  Hoping to either befriend or belittle a wayward raccoon, Fredrick found himself stuck under a shed not once, but twice yesterday, requiring the assistance of police and firefighters to help him regain his freedom.  Excerpt from My Central Jersey:

The firefighters, using airbags that can typically lift up to 15,000 pounds, raised the shed into the air. But, Fredrick was not eager to leave.
As the owner called to his two- to three-year-old dog, police and firefighters had to use squeaky toys to lure Fredrick out from under the shed, Spotswood Volunteer Fire Department Chief Nicholas Poliseno said.
Upon their departure, the owner was asked not to let the dog back in the yard.
About one half-hour later, the owner again summonsed officials back to the home because the dog was again trapped under the shed.
“This time when we lifted the shed we found a humongous raccoon under the shed,” Poliseno said. “He was standing in the middle of the shed hissing at us. He was pretty angry. We all jumped back. Luckily this dog made it out of there.”
The firefighters, with the help of the owner and Fredrick’s squeaky toys, again lured the dog out from under the shed.
Helmetta Animal Control was called to the scene, but because the raccoon was so large and they did not have traps big enough to catch the raccoon, the homeowner was advised to call in a private company to get the raccoon out, Poliseno said.

Fredrick looked fine apparently, but his human was advised to consult a veterinarian to be sure.


splogman said...

we've experienced exactly the same a few years ago with our dachshund Jopie

Anonymous said...

My black and tan weenie "Dante" was obsessed with burrowing under our deck just this past weekend hunting either a snake or a mole - got mad and told him wasn't crawling under there if he got stuck, would not have thought to call the fire department, now I'll know what to do if he persists!

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