Friday, March 23, 2012

Celebrity Dachshund Watch: Jennifer Lawrence Locked in Basement With Dachshunds

Thanks so much to our friend Clara and her boy 'Oscar' from Portugal for writing in about actress Jennifer Lawrence's appearance on Tuesday's David Letterman.  Ms. Lawrence is poised to hit super-stardom with today's release of the movie Hunger Games.  Or maybe she's poised to hit super-stardom because of this story of her, her brothers, and their three Dachshunds.  The whole interview is entertaining, but the Dachshund bits start at about 7 minutes in.  Watch it quick before "the man" takes it down.  Via People magazine:

The actress, who stars in the highly anticipated film adaptation of the dystopian teen trilogy about a televised battle to the death, told David Letterman on the Late Show that her two older brothers roughhoused with her growing up.

"I've got scars all over my body," she said. "The best part – they would fight each other over who could fight me."

There was one ritual in particular that was especially agonizing. "When I was doing the gymnastics phase, they used to pin my feet back behind my head – I can't do this anymore – and then they would get our dachshunds and put peanut butter all over my face," she explained. "We had three dachshunds and then the dogs would do this [go crazy licking]. And then they'd shut the door, lock me in the basement with dachshunds."

"And now – karma! – I go on talk shows and tell everybody," she added. "I win!"

Letterman, who feigned a therapy session throughout the interview, said, "I'm going to make two calls, Jennifer. The first one will be to Amnesty International, and the second one will be to Dick Cheney. I think we have something here. It might replace water boarding, that little dachshund deal."


Anonymous said...


Baron and I are dachshunds to look at!

And now I'm not sure if I want to read or see "Hunger Games"...oh dear!

thanks for sharing!

Baron's giving it a "tail down"!

Pooch Tags said...

Joey and Rowdy, do you have an email contact? Thenks!

withlove_Jolie said...

Hi Joey & Rowdy - and their wonderful father,

I am mother to Jolie. She is our beloved miniature Dachshund, adopted shortly after birth. Now 5 1/2, she's a precious family member, lovingly cared for, healthy and rambunctious. Best pal to our tabby cat, her lifelong playmate since both were newborn rescues. She's had a wonderful life. Last week we noticed an overnight, acute problem with Jolie's front and hind limbs. Suddenly, she couldn't engage in normal routine activity. Over 4 days symptoms worsened, and she yelped in pain. We immediately consulted longtime family vets on Day 1. We then met specialists at Ventura's Veterinary Medical & Surgical Group (VMSG). Presently, she's crated full time, with extremely minimal limb function and cannot stand on hind legs without collapsing. For her best outcome, all experts recommend surgical repair to compressed vertebrae at L3 & T3, the upper lumbar/lower thoracic spine area. With surgery and careful home rehab, probability is very high she'll regain normal leg function.

We have been reading your blog for years - following Joey and Maggie on all of their adventures. Jolie also has also had a history of pancreatitis and an array of other issues.

We are struggling to find the money to pay for her surgery, and have set up a fund raiser on ChipIn ( If you know of any way to help us - since you are such a big part of the dachshund community - it would be greatly appreciated.

She is the love of our lives - and I am a struggling college student trying to save her quality of life.


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