Thursday, December 22, 2011

Those Special Dachshunds: Dressing Up With Olga

Smile Olga!

Thanks so much to our pretty little friend 'Olga' for writing in with a common problem a lot of us Dachshunds have to deal with this time of year:  The Dress Up.  Ugh.  She writes:

Dear Joey and Rowdy:

I just wanted to say Happy Holidays and that I love your blog. I’m assuming that your human doesn’t put you through the torture of dress up and photo shoots for holiday cards. My mom was insistent that I dress up in front of the tree this year. In a way I didn’t mind because I got lots of treats in the process, but it was still a bit of a pain. I’ve attached a photo from the shoot. It would have turned out better if my mom had better lighting and a better camera that wasn’t so sensitive to my every little move! Maybe next year we can do without the costume…

Happy Holidays!

Can any of our readers help Olga out?  What do YOU do when, heaven forbid, it's time for "dress up?"  Do you play along, or do you run behind the couch and rip the clothes off? 


Jeanne said...

Poe has trained us well. It's her twelfth Christmas with us, and we haven't tried to dress her up since the first one!

Anonymous said...

oh but Olga, you're so beautifully only a darling dachshund can be!

Anonymous said...

Olga is adorable.

Tootsie said...

Oh, but Olga -- I agree with the others -- you are truly adorable all dressed up and festive!

And thanks to the J-man and Rowdy for posting Olga's wotten waven pic.

Happy holidays!


Olga said...

Thanks for posting my picture! I feel like a blog-star. Maybe dress up was worth the hassle!

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