Monday, December 12, 2011

Poppy Tells Off The Window Cleaner

You missed a spot!  Thanks so much to Emmie-Lou Moore for writing in: 

Dear Joey and Rowdy,

If you could feature this on your site I’d be over the moon!  I just love how protective Poppy is and her cute little yappy bark.

Tell him all about it Poppy!


Anonymous said...

Joey and Rowdy...thanks for reminding me that barking/growling is a doxie behavior (Baron was barking so much I had to turn the sound down on video)...I loved it!

Thank you Emmie-Lou Moore for sending this in! I know you're over the moon!

Jane S. said...

Oooh, she's a tough one, isn't she! So cute.

dachshunds in London said...

well done guys! Ive posted this onto dachshunds in London too

Anonymous said...

So glad you're keeping the house safe! And I love how you fended off the other dogs, too.

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