Friday, December 2, 2011

19-Year-Old Buddy's Incredible Tale of Heartache and Rescue

With the holidays fast approaching, now is the perfect time for a story so sad it will make you cry, but thanks to our great folks in Dachshund Rescue, it will make you so happy that you'll cry tears of joy instead.  Are you ready to meet Buddy?  Via Dachshund Delights:

On November 2 of this year, a clerk in the Castaic (California) Animal Care Center sent an email to Dena Delgado of Southern California Dachshund Relief (SCDR). A woman had turned in a dachshund that was given to her by a homeless man who said he could no longer take care of him. The dachshund was blind, deaf and arthritic. He had an ear infection and bad teeth. Other than that, his health was amazingly good. We say "amazingly" because he was 19 years old.
There was a picture attached. This little fellow was as sweet a senior as you could hope to see.
Word spread quickly among dachshund lovers.

Read the rest of this story and see another photo at Dachshund Delights.  Oh, and while you're there - we mentioned that the holidays were fast approaching - are you done shopping for your own lovable Dachshunds yet?


Anonymous said...

You were right, tears, sad and happy!

curator said...

As long as the ending is a happy one...Oh poor little beasts, who trust us so much.

Myrsky-dachshund said...

I´m the second dachshund in my family. My name is Myrsky (Storm) and I´m just a puppy, 8 months. Before me, my family had a dachshund named Pyry (Snowfall). He died in age 16 last March.

I have a blog, but it´s written in Finnish, sorry.

Amy said...

Happy ending indeed :)

Anonymous said...

Buddy, May your Xmas be full of joy (and treats and toys and balls, not to forget a Xmas dinner of turkey and veggies) and may your new year bring u many more years of love and joy. God bless people who rescue, some of us like Buddy would be in a very dark scary place without them!! 4 rescued dachies from Quebec, Canada wishing u all a very merry Xmas.

Jenna Calvino said...

Aw! What a great story.

Anonymous said...

Shopping for our own lovable Dachshunds yet? Well, I really think they know its that time of year again. Last night I was telling them that Santa was coming to town (the howling started at that anouncement) and that all kinds of toys, balls and T R E A T S would be in the living room waiting for them. BIG mistake, Like I said, I think they knew what I was saying cause they (all 4of them) kept jumping out of bed all night long (4 times) and checking the living room, so I didn't get much sleep. LOL

scarymissmary said...

A friend of mine that I went to college with had his "Penny dog" a red smooth mini named, Penny, obviously, for 18.5 years. She went EVERYWHERE with him. Even to photography class. :)

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