Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Brave Dachshund Herds Swans From Danger!

Meet 'Alfie,' an incredibly handsome and also quite brave black and tan longhair who hails from Coltishall, a village on the River Bure, west of Wroxham, in the English county of Norfolk.  Alfie was on "walkies" with his human when they encountered two swans who were dangerously close to the road during the busy "tea-time rush hour."  Excerpt from EDP24:

Realising that the birds would get hit and could cause a serious accident, Ms Barchi (Alfie's Mom)decided to try and drive them back towards Colitshall Common and their River Bure home.
And that’s when Alfie, seven inches high and 30ins from nose to tail-tip, showed his pluck.
“I said: ‘Come on Alfie, we’ve got to do something about this’ The traffic was very heavy and it was dark. The swans were very big guys but he was up for it. He stood his ground. He didn’t try and hide behind me,” said retired teacher Ms Barchi.
“The swans didn’t take any notice of me but when they saw the dog they started hissing like fury at him. He wasn’t going to back off. He took one and I took the other and between us we herded them away from the road. It took 15-20 minutes and it was quite dodgy,” Ms Barchi added.
She is familiar with the neighbourhood resident swans, a pair and their three cygnets, and knew that straying so far from the river was very unusual behaviour.
Fearing one of them might be ill and its mate was keeping it company, she phoned the Wroxham-based waterbird rescue service.
But when a representative arrived, he told Ms Barchi that both were male and the ‘intruder’ was being seen off by the resident father.
The rescue expert had wrapped the visiting swan in a blanket and taken it away to release on Wroxham Broad, said Ms Barchi.

Alfie is our hero!  See more photos of the good-looking guy at EDP24. 

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Anonymous said...

If it would have been one of my dachies, "Sass the Bold" and he's a hunter that would have been a dead duck, er rather a dead swan.

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