Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Those Special Dachshunds: Meet Arthur!

Thanks so much to Emma Macpherson for sending in such a beautiful photo of her new beloved Dachshund puppy 'Arthur!'  Will you look at those eyes?  She writes:

Dear Joey and Rowdy,

I love your blog and just wanted to share this photo of our Tan & Black Miniature Dachshund Arthur, he's 8 weeks old. He loves playing outside and chewing leaves! :)

My partner Andrew and I used to have a black and tan mini, Ziggy, however he passed away from a very rare Mycobacterium infection in December of 2010.

Miniature Dachshunds are the best dogs in the world to me and I am so excited to be embarking upon a loving friendship with one all over again.

Congrats on the new addition to your family!


jnorton80 said...
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jnorton80 said...

How freaking cute is this dog. Want to cuddle him right up

Jane S. said...

What a sweet little guy! Look at those sturdy front paws. He's gonna be a digger, I can tell!

Emma said...

Thanks everyone! He is really gorgeous and already love him so much :) Yes Jane, he's already digging up the garden but because he is still small he's really only shifting the dirt around hehe!

Emma said...

Also, what colour does everyone think he is? The vet and breeder have said Tan and Black but as he's getting older he is actually getting a little lighter (almost cream colour flecks!) on his sides which you can kind of see in the photo. His dad is a red and his mum black and tan.

Sue Fell said...

What a sweetheart!

Rowdy and Bette said...

He looks like a shaded red to us - red with a black overlay on the tips of the hairs. Awful cute!

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