Monday, November 14, 2011

Dachshund Versus Joe Paterno

Ed Temple drives around Beaver Stadium at Penn State in State College, Pa., with his Dachshund and a life-size cutout of Joe Paterno.

What's the difference between a Dachshund and Joe Paterno?  Dachshund Lover Ed Temple explains it quite clearly, via masslive:
STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — If only it were possible to block out the world's harshest realities — the way the people of Happy Valley have done for decades now — this week's crystalline skies might have set the scene for one more perfect chapter in local lore.
A glorious sun bathed Mount Nittany's fading foliage in a rusty glow. Hundreds of Penn State students gathered once again in the protective shadows of Beaver Stadium, pitching 81 tents in the instant colony called Paternoville. Another Big Game lay just ahead.
But when Ed Temple, class of '70, put down the convertible top of his meticulously restored 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air this week and set out for a drive around the stadium, he came to mourn.
In the back seat of a car usually reserved for alumni parades, Temple propped up a life-sized cardboard cutout of Joe Paterno, benevolent ruler of this valley for nearly half a century — but now the ex-football coach, fired this week in the midst of a spiraling scandal centered on allegations of child sex abuse by one of his former assistants.
In the front seat, Temple's dachshund, Snoopy, gazed out at the passing campus from his master's lap. "Unlike a human, this guy will never lie to you or deceive you," Temple said, stroking the dog's head.


Anonymous said...

hi, i'm just wondering how i can submit pictures and things? thanks, and sorry about the comment in the random place!

Anonymous said...

Interesting and sad! Sometimes I'd rather be a dachshund than a human!

sinned34 said...

That poor dachshund. Too bad he's owned by someone who supports a guy that protected an egregious pedophile.

Rowdy and Bette said...

Hi Anon - there's a section on the right hand side of the site called 'Talk to Joey and Rowdy About It' with a link for our email. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hi sinned34 - We didn't get that from the story - especially when he said that dogs never lie like people do!

sinned34 said...

Joey and Rowdy,

I figured that putting a cutout of the coach in his car was a gesture of support, but after re-reading the article, you could be right. At the very least, I think the dachsie owner is mourning the downfall of a local sports hero, which is understandable. It's hard to tell from the way the article is written.

He's also wrong. I've gotten up to grab a drink and returned to my plate to realize that a chicken breast was missing off my plate. Following a trail of tomato sauce that led off my plate, across the table and down onto the floor, I discovered my dachshund sitting there with a full belly, licking his chops with a "who, me?" look on his face.

Dogs can lie. They just look damned cute while doing it.

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