Monday, March 7, 2011

Dachshund: It's German for: "Little pain in the ass"

Huh?  We're angels from heaven - every last one of us. 

Dachshund Pain Tee - from $16.98 at The Lighter Side or elsewhere on the net.


Anonymous said...

From Baron's Mom...there are definitely times when this saying is Absolutely True!

From Baron...who me, NEVER!

Anonymous said...

Yeah says mom, like when we went to the vets on Saturday for vaccines, all 4 of us managed to slip our collars and had all the vets techs running after us as we ran around and barked at all the other dogs. Mom said we were a real pain in the ass, but she loves us just the same and we got nice snackies when we got home for not moving an inch when the doc stuck us with needle and the liquid vaccine in our nose.

mamamouseiam said...

Schroeder's "dad" is definitely getting this shirt! He doesn't subscribe to the unconditional love concept quite like I do. ;D

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