Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A CEO and His Dachshund

Photo by Alan Berner

Photographers at The Seattle Times routinely offer a glimpse into what inspires their best visual reporting.  Here's what photographer Alan Berner had to say:
Things immediately look up when the CEO of a successful, local company meets you for a portrait session instead of the company's public-relations spokesperson.
David Roberts of PopCap, an online game developer and publisher, met me in the lobby and gave a quick tour of the floor. Roberts started the tour with his office, where his Dachshund, Noni, provided the next greeting. Noni's high-pitched barking-at-the-heel calls brought out Roberts alpha-dog status to quiet her.
As a lifelong dog owner, I knew she was just saying, "Here I am! Look at me, way down here! Don't ignore me! I have a bed in his (our) office. I have a door to this office."
Roberts was going to leave her there, but I thought Noni would add surprise and personality to the photograph. With patience and a little time, this photograph trumped the "at-the-desk" portrait. The lighthearted setting reflects the company's products and, more importantly, the photo exemplifies the personalities of the subjects.


impromptublogger said...

I love it! I will definitely like PopCap more now. And Mr. Roberts definitely knows his doxie.

Anonymous said...

Great Photo shot. Love it!!

Anonymous said...

This is a great photo...I love that the photographer was intuitive enough to realize that the CEO and Noni would be a terrific combo shot!

Katie said...

hah! love it!

Tanya said...

Love the pic! I love that the CEO brings his doxie to work!

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