Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Longest Dachshund in the World

longest dachshund in the world

Meet 'Hurricane Ike,' or 'Ike.' He's a 10-month-old friend of ours from Chicago. He's sleek, muscular, swift, Standard, and Smooth. Oh yeah, and he's loooooong. Now this photo isn't so hot, and doesn't do justice to his longitude, (he's making a turn in this photo and his hind legs are trying to catch up), but we've met thousands and thousands of Dachshunds, and girth for length (he'll probably fill out some more), Ike is the longest dog we've ever seen.

Ike is so long, when he backs up all you hear is beep, beep, beep.

Hurricane Ike must've stretched out THIS Hurricane Ike, and watching him play at a local Dachshund meetup on Sunday, he's 100% true to his name; he's a 20-pound powerhouse whirlwind of goofy longtasticness.

He's a real traffic-stopper.


Anonymous said...

Ike says "Woof"

Anonymous said...

That is one LONG dog.

firstyouleap said...

What a great shot! The B/W makes Ike look positively vintage...Melinda

Jon Hanson said...

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Jon Hanson

Jon Hanson said...

That last post would be "hear not here" Sorry

Unknown said...

my boyfriend and I just measured my daschund and she is 90cm does that mean she is the longest daschund?

Heather Cattle said...

Our miniture daschund is 7 month's old tomorrow and she measures 89 cm !

Unknown said...

Get a looooong little doggie

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