Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Smart Dogs: Puppy Training With 'Lincoln'

If 'Lincoln' the 12-week-old Dachshund puppy can do all this, your Dachshund can do absolutely ANYTHING. 

By youtuber Jenny Trigg.


Anonymous said...

Uh-oh. I look like a flunky for sure. I'm sure Penny could do all that but we have a ways to go. Oh boy what a cutie too.


Jane S. said...

What a sweet, well-mannered boy! I love that little guy. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh - I laughed throughout this! Carson -- you have met Ike, right??!! Somehow I don't think we'll ever get that basic training in his ADHD/OCD head! How's his half-great niece doing, by the way? :)

Melanie - and only the 2 boys now :(

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