Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy 20th Birthday to 'Fudgie'

Handsome in Hong Kong

We want to send the warmest of birthday wishes to 'Fudgie,' a Hong Kong hound who turns 20 years old today.  We should all be so lucky, right?  His human, Mari Hinden, thinks with good reason that Fudgie is the oldest miniature Dachshund in all of Hong Kong.  Via the South China Morning Post:

Mari bought Fudgie while she was living in the American city of Boston and since then he's lived with her in New York, in the US state of Texas and in San Diego and Los Angeles, California, before she moved back to Hong Kong 11 years ago.
In that time Fudgie saw various boyfriends woo Mari before she met her husband Derek in Hong Kong through mutual friends in 2002, and they've been married since 2006. But he's still not sure if he's the man of the house.
"If it came down to me and Fudgie, I'm not sure I'd be the last man standing," Derek said.
The couple live in Happy Valley and run a property investment consultancy company and, although age is steadily catching up with him, their prized pet still has a few miles left on the clock.
"He's lost his sight and he's gone a bit deaf, but otherwise he can walk around fine and is in good health," Mari said. "Every time we take him to the vet they can't believe how healthy he is.
"Now he sleeps most of the day, but he's always very affectionate and protective."


Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

Hap-Pee Birthday, Fudgie! That's a lot of dog years!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday. How lucky to have him so long. Hope he's happy and healthy many more years.


Tootsie said...

Happy birthday, Fudgie! We met an 18-year old doxie this summer. Way to go! :)

Anne said...

BOWozA Fudgie! Happy Happy to YOU!!! WOOF.

We love hearing about seniors like ourselves, however, I think we are 'young' compared to you.

Keep up the good work of sleeping and loving your humans.

tail wags,
Roxie (15), Coco (11)

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