Friday, April 27, 2012

Those Very Special Dachshunds: Vasco da Gama

How Handsome

Thanks so much to James Hall for writing in about his beautiful and beloved red smooth boy 'Vasco da Gama.'  We know that every single day with him is a blessing.  James writes:

Dear Joey and Rowdy,

I love your blog!

Back in 2006, a friend whose husband worked at the Providence, RI animal control office told me that they had "that dog you've been looking for" was at the pound. I knew the chances were slim, since I was looking for a standard short-haired red dachshund, This was the kind of dog I had always wanted since I was a kid.

Oddly enough, when I arrived, there were 30 pit bulls, 2 or 3 chihuahua mixes, and the gorgeous guy that we would name Vasco da Gama. he was living in the Director's office. The vet thought he was probably 2 or 3 years old. I cannot quite imagine how anyone would have abandoned this amazing dog. He came to us neutered, house trained, and willing to walk very nicely on a leash. After a few months, my partner was able to convince him that he had nothing to fear from other dogs, and he has learned not to be aggressive in the park.

One month ago, we discovered that Vasco has an inoperable and aggressive tumor on his prostate. We are spoiling him and saying a gradual good bye. Needless to say we are heartbroken, and feel our nearly six years with him was too short. I know this community of dachshund lovers will appreciate our experience, and these photo of our proud guy keeping watch over Casco Bay in Maine a few summers ago, and posing on a dachshund-sized chair in our living room in a photo by the very talented Brian Jones.

Hug your Dachshund today!


Anonymous said...

Prayers for all of happy you found Vasco and that you all have had each other to love for nearly 6 years. I understand your sadness, having lost canines over the years, I know you cherish each day and you have beautiful memories!

A "woof" to all of you, but especially Vasco, from my dachshund roommate Baron!

ElspS said...

What a handsome hound. The boat photo is particularly fabulous. I really feel for you.


Anonymous said...

Hugs through the Internet at this difficult time. Thank you for sharing your story, and for being such a loving family to this beautiful boy.

Melinda in McLean

Alison said...

Such a beautiful boy, and you write so eloquently. Thanks for sharing your story. It reminds us to make today a good day, it could be all any of us have got!

Alicia said...

Most of us either have been, or will be "in that boat" with you. Vasco is so very handsome and I know that he has brought indescribable joy to your lives. You'll always love him, and for a while you'll be able to show him that love. That is what he will experience from you.

Kind regards,
Oskar's family

Amy said...

I recently lost one of my old guys to cancer and spent a week from diagnosis to the end of his life spoiling him absolutely rotten. Hope you do the same with yours.

My condolences to you and yours. Not an easy time for sure :(

kristieinbc said...

Your post has me in tears. I hope you are able to enjoy every moment you have left with your beautiful dog. Thank you for sharing this story with us.

Geneva's mom said...

What a touching story, and what a beautiful dog.
So sorry he is ill. My condolences.

Anonymous said...

Thank u for sharing Vasco's story with us. We are so sorry to hear that u will soon loose your best friend and yes I will hug my 4 fur babies and tell them about Vasco. We will pray that your time with Vasco will be full of sunshine, adventures and walkies in the park. He is a very well loved pup, God bless u.

Jablana said...

Our hearts go out to the brave parents you have Vasco!! may you have many more beutiful moments to take with you!

Kisses to the the whole family...
Princess Lea

Julie said...

Saying goodbye is hard - especially when the loved one was so special. Think of the good times & dwell on the fact that Vasco had a wonderful time with you.

Barbara Techel said...

So sorry for the loss of Vasco. These photos are so beautiful. Looks like Vasco had a wonderful life with you.

Jayne D. and AnnieBelle said...

Keeing you all in our prayers. Spend every minute of every day loving our sweet boy - although I am sure he knows well how much you love him. Kindly, Jayne and Annie

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