Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dick Clark, Dachshund and Dog Lover

With the recent passing of American radio and television personality Dick Clark, one has to ask oneself:  Was he a Dachshund Lover?  Dog magazines across the globe have recently profiled Mr. Clark's fondness of canines, stating that he had up to five dogs at a time, he designed his Malibu home with extra large showers to wash his dogs, and that dogs roamed freely at the Dick Clark Productions offices.  But what about Dachshunds?  Excerpt from The Bark:

In recent years, the Clarks had a pug named Mrs. Jones, and Henry VIII, a 110-pound Weimaraner. There was also Lucille, a Dalmatian who was a gift from Gloria and Emilio Estefan - flown in via private jet. Bernardo was a Dachshund-mix the Clarks found on the streets of San Bernardino. They dropped him off at the pound and then made a U-turn and picked him up. (He would become their fourth Dachshund.)

A June, 2001 article in the Pet Press goes on to say:

He got his name because “we found him as a street dog in San Bernardino.  As a youngster Dick’s Uncle gave him a ceramic Dachshund, and he’s loved Dachshunds ever since. He’s had at least three of them during the years, and that’s one of the reasons he wanted to keep Bernardo.

And of his Dachshund 'Louie,' notes:

In a 2002 interview with The Post-Standard, Clark talked about living in Central New York and working seven nights a week, spinning records as a radio DJ fresh out of SU. When he came home late at night, Clark recalled, his wife and baby were sleeping. His dachshund, named after an SU roommate, waited up.
“The thing I remember about Louie was he was always there to greet me,” Clark said. “He was just a terrific dog.”

Thanks for everything Mr. Clark.

Thanks to a good friend of The Long and Short of it All for sending in a link to The Bark!


Diane said...

Awesome! He was a good man and will be greatly missed.

Amy said...

RIP Mr. Clark..

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