Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pennsylvania Dachshund Rescued After Getting Stuck In Groundhog Hole

How many firefighters does it take to rescue a Dachshund stuck in a groundhog hole under a retaining wall?  Fifteen apparently!  Meet "Precious," the latest Dachshund to get stuck in a hole.  Why do we keep getting into trouble like this?   Via WTAE:

PENN HILLS, Pa. —It took more than two hours, 15 grown men, shovels and floodlights to free a 4-year-old dachshund trapped under a retaining wall.
The efforts on Clematis Boulevard were praised with applause after Precious, the healthy but shaken dog, was freed from a groundhog hole.
Precious was let outside for a bathroom trip, but her owner Abby Hile said the dog took off for the back yard and went into the hole. Hile said she tried for an hour to coax the dog out but she wouldn't budge.
Hile called 911 for help and the Penn Hills Station 227 volunteer firefighters arrived with the essentials: floodlights, shovels and a love for dogs.
"We had to remove some of the wall. The difficult part was digging and trying not to collapse the hole and cut off her air supply," said Fire Chief Randy Dolton.
Oxygen and a camera from the sewage department were on standby.
But after more than two long hours, the volunteer firefighters got their first glimpse of Precious and let her owner pull her free.
"There's no way I could've gotten close to doing that by myself. She's part of the family. She's definitely part of the family so we're very happy she's OK,” said Hile.
"I have dogs so I know how it is. They're like part of your family. You hate to lose a pet. It's a happy ending," said Dolton.


Christa taking dictation from Bruno said...

Nice people; pretty, and extremely silly, dachshund. Who needs landscaping? :-)

Maddie Jane said...

hmm, that probably explains why they have long bodies :P

Anonymous said...

Rowdy & Bette,

The PA Piebalds, Maggie, Melly and Max here, reporting from our top secret location only minutes away from PHL, Philly International Airport!!! We were deeply disappointed to have been scooped on the situation in Penn Hills PA, what when beautiful little redhead Precious got stuck in a groundhog hole (sorry. one of our humans is upset: 'Precious' is the middle name of our beloved sister Cinnamon, who we never had the honor of meeting). For a minute we thought our extensive network of Dachshunds had let us down, but then our human 'Googled' (whatever that is!) and told us that Penn Hills was way out by Pittsburgh and we don't feel so bad.

Anyway, another great week of blogging, you two, and Doctoberfest hasn't even officially started yet, according to the calendar, whatever that is!

Bless you, Handsome Rowdy, Beautiful Bette and Dad Carson, and than you again for sharing TLASOIA with the world!

Cinnamon's Humans & the PA
Piebalds: Maggie, Melly & Max

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