Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thank You

Thank you, from the very bottom of our hearts, for the kind words and notes of encouragement after the passing of your 'Long and Short of it All' host 'Joey.'  It's been a tough month or so for so many good folks.  Thank you so much for just everything, we're having trouble putting into words, for all the wonderful comments and personal notes, cards, tributes on other sites, and also the many donations in Joey's name, from MWDR all the way to Rolling Dog Ranch.  It's wonderful that his memory can live on by helping out more of his long brethren.
We apologize for the lack of posts as of late - we've never been so idle in nearly six years.  We're probably looking at retiring the site, as it was always Joey and Maggie's work.  Rowdy sure helped out over the last year or so, but his insistence on writing on the subtle variations of chicken vs beef vs peanut butter rawhides didn't garner much attention.  We kid.  He's such a great little guy.  He looked for Joey for several weeks after he passed - he would be laying in his bed and suddenly dart up and run to a strange corner of the house, wagging his tail and sniffing - thinking that he heard Joey.  Maybe Joey's ghost was visiting us - who knows?
Thanks to all the wonderful Dachshundists who have stood by us over the years, thank you.  There may be an odd post from us every so often, but it won't be a day to day affair - unless we completely change our minds and start up 'The Long and Short of it All version 2.0'. 
In the meantime - Carry On, and Love Your Dachshunds.

Yours in Dachshund Love.


firstyouleap said...

Oh Carson, we have so missed the blog and selfishly hope that Rowdy becomes insistent. Or that you bring on another doxie sometime in the future that can add to the things he misses. Personally, I always look at it as Maggie, Joey and now Rowdy contributing from wherever they are--over the bridge or on your couch. We need to work on getting together. We need warmer weather, too!
Lots of love, hugs, kisses et al
Melinda and Teagan

curator said...

Oh no! I've been working at the day job so much, I didn't know! I will miss Joey so, and hope he has already found many new friends over the Bridge.
Please don't totally retire this wonderful blog!
Lots of love and hugs from the Museum crew.

Alicia said...

We have so enjoyed the posts that Maggie and Joey prepared, and we understand how you must feel. Perhaps when Rowdy masters a broader range of subjects, as he matures, y'all will feel the need to share his musings. Until then we will happily recall what Maggie and Joey posted, and the antics of the young Rowdy. Thanks!

~Must Love Dogs~ said...

We are going to miss your blog so much but we also understand completely. Sometimes a new season is what we need in our life after such great loss. May everything you put your hands to be as blessed as this was and more. ..and may your soul find healing. But most of all …from the bottom of my dachshund loving heart THANK YOU!

Diane aka Dobermangirl said...

There will never be another spot for all that is doxie such as yours. Please don't say good-bye. We will wait. Hope that your sadness lessens a bit with each passing day.

Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

We've missed Joey...and all of you. We'd really hate to see you go. Perhaps Joey is communicating with Rowdy so that Rowdy can continue with Joey's great work???

We've also honored Joey on the "Our Rainbow Friends" site. He is very well known throughout Blogville...especially the "Weenie" dogs!

Anonymous said...

Dear Carson and Rowdy,
It saddens us to know you are considering retiring the blog. So many of us have enjoyed your sense of humor, your news, your wonderful writings. We really hope that Rowdy will take pen in paw and continue in his fur family's tradition and entertain us all in ways of doxie - with a wirehair twist. Mom says we are going to have a new fursister and she is going to be a smooth wirehair. We will now have all kinds of personalities in our pack. If you do decide to retire the blog we all will understand but will do so with heavy hearts. Know that we all share your pain in the loss of your furkids. Take care - we will be thinking of you. Tinker, Windy and Gretel (mom too!)

Moira said...

Take some time. Enjoy your freedom with Rowdy and explore your life without your commitment to the blog. It will be missed. But you need to do it. Regarding Joey's presence, when Darby died, everyone said he would send me a sign and I didn't believe it. Then one night he did. Here is the link...

Hope to see you online.

Cynthia (Geneva's mom) said...

I understand why you want to retire the blog, but I will miss it, and you, Carson and Rowdy. You were a bright spot in my daily life.
Thanks for a great run, and my fingers - and Geneva's paws - are crossed that you will some day start another one.

Tootsie said...

Carson & Rowdy,

We have been wondering if you were thinking about retiring the blog. It makes sense, though it makes us sad. You've done low-down duty for the down low for years, and you've educated us marvelously well. We remain grateful for all your work. We continue to send you heartfelt thoughts; alas, too much passage. Too much. We miss your posts. We get our news from you and from the BBC. (The BBC will ever cover the long and short of things as well as you!)

Our wags and hearts to you, always.
Renee & Tootsie

Anne said...

NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO yet, I completely understand, respect and feel your decision to retire your blog. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed it and appreciated your dedication. I feel your pain of loss - I guess what I am saying - to feel the loss of someone you don't know yet know closely from a blog. it's weird. My dear old gal was once featured on your site (Meet Roxie, Security Doxie) and we faithfully check out to see what's new - and, have learned immensely about the breed!!!!!!!!!!!! Think of all of the help you have given to the various doxie rescue sites just from a post from you. I know I have helped many just from seeing it here - I always think of sweet Cuddles from DRSF. I even follow her on Facebook. You have made such a difference in all Doxie rescues lives!!!! There's sooo much content here - possibly think of keeping just for reference or for dachshund history. Wiping my tears again. ;)

tail wags & doxie kisses to you and Rowdy - always!!!
Roxie Lou, Coco Beane and Auntie Annie Em

harrysmaid said...

You have helped me so much after my beloved Harry(A Poem For Harry) was taken away. I know the emptiness you feel and that I still feel...but you, Joey, Maggie and little Rowdy have such a place in the hearts of so many. It would be a shame to not keep their legacy alive. I know that is selfish but such a wonderful thing should not cease to exist! Thank you for all you have done.
harrysmaid forever!

Lizzy said...

I have missed the posts, but I totally understand what the loss of such a wonderful friend can do.
All the best in whatever you decide to do and thanks for sharing what you have.

Oscar and Hans said...

Carson and Rowdy,

We are so glad to hear from you again...but at the same time, we are sad to read that you are considering retiring the blog. This site has always been the A-Number-One Source of all things long and low, and we really don't know where we will be able to turn to for our daily dose of Dox.

Of course, we understand and respect your decision. Joey and Maggie certainly have left some big shows (Muttlucks?) to fill.

Always your friends and fans,

--Oscar and Hans (and Holly too)

Trinket's mom said...

Like Anne, I'd like to see you keep the Long and Short of It All Going just for reference and history. There are so many posts I haven't read yet and so many I like to re-read. Like so many others have said I hope that Rowdy will master more subjects to post about. In the meantime, may you be at peace.

Trinket's Mom and Trink

PS: We are going to take our iPad to the vet's on Friday to show her the post of those fab doxie shoes.

Anonymous said...

Dear Carson,
on February 26, 2013 my beloved Tobi passed away. You covered his story on July 15, 2009. The house is now empty and I still feel sad and numb. He was my soulmate. So, I have a vague idea how you must feel about the loss of Joey. I fully understand your thoughts about closing down your blog. Everytime you'll post news, you will miss your co-editor. Let me just say, that your blog changed my life.I learned that I was a genuine dachshundist and that a great community of doxie-lovers exists, being as crazy for their dachshunds as I was about Tobi. It made my day, being part of this wonderful group of people, connected by you and your blog. THANK YOU!
Greeting from the north of Germany.. no howl anymore! Anika

Anonymous said...

Thank you Carson ;)

Melanie and the boys

Anonymous said...

Dear Carson & Rowdy,

We are attempting a blatantly clumsy flanking maneuver by posting a portion of our email to you from Wednesday night. We were thrilled to discover you had returned, and then saddened to hear that you were leaning towards shuttering or interrupting the blog. For admittedly selfish reasons (our entire Dachshund & human family loves TLASOIA) we post these last two paragraphs of our email:

"I for one consider ‘The Long and Short of it All’ to be a living, breathing memorial to our beloved Cinnamon, for upon discovering your site and reading one of your beautiful tributes to Maggie, I found a peaceful place where I was able to give voice to just some of the feelings of loss, and love, I was still dealing with three months after Cinnamon’s passing. And now that first tribute to her is held safely and securely in the 2012, September, archives, on ‘The Long and Short of it All’ site. For all time, I hope."

"Please continue to let your very, very, very extended family know how you feel, and what your plans are. I only read ‘Dachshund Love Stories: Remembering Cinnamon’ about once a month (on line, that is) . . . or more, possibly, probably. Whenever I do, I am always struck by the purity and completeness of the love, devotion and respect you have shown and voiced for your beloved Maggie, Joey and Rowdy. Please know with certainty that the lives of everyone, human and Dachshund, who has shared this blog with you over the years is better for having shared time, and space, and love with you and your kids."

Cinnamon's Humans and The PA
Piebalds: Maggie, Max and Melly

Margaret said...

Carson and Rowdy,

After Maggie went over the bridge, Rowdy joined your pack. And now that Joey has joined her...I hope that another special being finds their way to your home and hearts.

While we selfishly hope that you continue with the blog, please know that what you have done thus far has made us laugh, cry, swoon and sway...

Love to you and your family.

Margaret (and Jasmine and Juliet)

docsdox said...

As we have said before, your blog was one of the inspirations for us to start our own, and has been a constant source of information regarding "all things dachshund" for the years that we have been following it. It saddens us to think that the site might be retired, but we can imagine how difficult it would be to carry on when the original inspirations for the blog are painfully absent (we miss them both!).

Thank you for being such a big inspiration to us. We'll always be on the lookout for new posts - even if they are few and far between. You always have our best. We look forward to a time when Rowdy might start a blog of his very own!

Your fellow Dachshundists,
-the docsdox family-

Anonymous said...

Carson, I do hope at some point you do decide to open a new version of Long and Short of It when you are ready of course. I can understand your feelings now but I am being totally selfish here. I fell in love with Maggie then Joey and I also wished I could be as good an owner as you have been to your furbabies. I miss you as much as I miss Maggie and Joey. I am so happy you have Rowdy to help you thru this rough time now. Take care.

Bev, Gunter and Roxie

dachseeguy said...

Carson I have experienced firsthand your love for Joey and Maggie over the last four years and your deep devotion in continuing to give them wonderful lives after they fell ill and thus feel your tremendous sadness and loss. Knowing this I agree with our freiend Melinda and Teagie that if you are emotionally able to do so Joey and Maggie's blog should live on in their memory. Probably with periodic, not daily postings, and definitely that this wonderful fountain of theirs of everything dachshund not be retired permanently. Its symbol should probably be that amazing tribute of brother and sister looking down on the Gold Coast from above and their blog which Rowdy has assisted in. Rowdy and if Rowdy were ever to have a future companion would of course take part. Without being in your shoes I believe I know what you are going through, take time, take thought but seriously consider letting the blog live.
Your friends
John & Ozzie

Lexi said...

We send doxie hugs and warm kisses, we have had to say goodbye to some very dear friends, and we know how much it hurts. We also would like to say, that we hope you don't retire your blog, without it, many of our questions would remain unanswered. Never having a long/short member of the family there were many things we both needed to learn, Biz as a long/short dog, and me as the human he adopted. This is the only blog we have faithfully followed, and have been very thankful for the links on the side.

We will miss you.

Lex and Biz

Jablana said...

weeeeeeeee... nice to see you feeling better.:) We sure would miss the blog if you retire... but please don't! we all LOVE it and theres nothing else like it out there... But we also will understand if you dont...

Kisses to all and have a great weekend:)

Princess Lea

Anonymous said...

Rowdy & Carson,

Cinnamon's humans from PA (come on, Rowdy, you remember the pictures of Cinnamon, the cute little redhead from PA?) stopping by again to offer some measure of support.

We love and are in awe of the photo used at the top of this 'thank you' post, with Joey clearly reflecting admiration for and a oneness with his Dad, and Rowdy displaying a little skepticism.

Gosh, how can you not fall head over heels in love, forever, with beautifil, giving souls like Maggie, Joey and Rowdy? The world would be an even darker and more screwed up place without the love and caring we are blessed to share when a Dachshund, or two, or ten, accompanies us on our journey.

Bless Dad Carson and pensive wirehair Rowdy, and Angels Maggie & Joey. All followers of The Long and Short of it All are always and forever in your debt.

Cinnamons Humans from PA and the PA Piebalds: Maggie, Max & Melly

Anonymous said...

Oh Carson,
While we're so saddened to think of you shuttering the blog, we understand completely and support you wholeheartedly. Others have already chimed in with words far more eloquent than ours, but please know how much we've enjoyed the blog over the years, and how much we'll miss your online presence. Hope you are taking good care of yourself--we're glad Rowdy is there to give you all his love.


three of your loyal readers

Alison said...

We so look forward to your posts, and hope to remain connected in some dachshundistic manner for the remainder of our time here on this green space while catering to the fancy of our dachshund brethren. Please don't say goodbye, just say so looooong for now.

Anonymous said...

Carson - I sure hope that you and Rowdy will reconsider. So many of us look forward to the glimpses of doxie life your blog offers. From Wirehair Wednesdays to Drabble funnies to the seriousness of dachshund rescue efforts and disease awareness....The Long and Short of it All has turned into a very valuable resource for your fellow humans owned by doxies.
<3 Bailey and her momma

Anonymous said...

Rowdy & Carson,

Cinnamon's family from PA stopping by, again, counting on you two to take especially good care of each other.

We're hoping that a steady dose of heartfelt, genuine prayers, some good karma (we visited with Frankie & her Mom Barb Techel today), and wishing for good things for you two (with the aid of a lucky penny or three) will begin the process of parting the clouds, just a bit.

We have been struck over the course of the last 6 or 7 weeks to discover how many other blogs and web sites use 'The Long and Short of it All' as an online reference library, and a benchmark. We've rediscovered old friends (like Bob Sullivan's beloved Lucky; and his new son Rusty), and at every turn have been reminded (as if we needed to be) of how incredibly powerful and pure the love shared between men and their canine brethren, is and will always be.

Bless you, Carson and Rowdy. You, and beautiful angels Maggie and Joey, are in our thoughts and prayers each and every day. Long live "The Long and Short of it All", and the extended Dachshund and human family who will support this site, and you, forever.

Mom Melanie, Mom Georgette, Bruce & Chuck (Cinnie's Humans) and
The PA Pibalds: Maggie, Max and Melly

Anonymous said...

It brought tears to my eyes to see you are back, even if in a small way.Looked forward to Long and Short everyday. I lost my best pal Watson a couple years back, but fortunatly I have three (including 2 rescues)that keep the dachshund love flowing here everyday. So glad you are getting through these tough times and Rowdy to keep you smiling!

Anonymous said...

omg just looked at your page :( condolences to you and lots of love and aloha.

Anonymous said...

Rowdy & Carson,

Cinnamon's family from PA here, and we continue to hope and pray that you two guys, both very special souls, will find a way to go on with The Long and Short of it All.

Know that throughout this holiday season that so many peoples share, we think about your Angels, Maggie and Joey, and their Dad Carson and brother Rowdy every day.

Peace & love.

Cinnamon's Family of Humans & the
PA Piebalds: Maggie, Max & Melly

Anonymous said...

Rowdy & Carson -

I hope you guys continue this blog, this is one of my favorites to visit. Although, I understand if you don't. Much love to both you guys and very sorry for your loss.

Frankie, Schnitzel, and Kristina

Anonymous said...

Rowdy & Carson,

It's Cinnamon's humans, also now known as the 'Pests from PA', checking in.

Our entire household, Dachshund and human alike, continues to have Dad Carson, son Rowdy and Angels Maggie and Joey, in our collective thoughts and prayers each day. The love and respect your devoted audience has for you and what you're going through is understandable, but we continue to touch base each day hoping to find a post or two. And on occassion to reconfirm that The Long and Short of it All is the single greatest site, and blog, in the history of the Internet. It's a proven fact!!!

Bless you, Carson and Rowdy, and beautiful Angels Maggie and Joey. Be well, always.

Cinnamon's Humans and the PA Piebalds: Maggie, Max and Melly

Pam said...

Just two weeks ago we lost our beloved Blitzen - our sweet little smooth coat black and tan weiner dog. Our hearts are heavy and our days are long. Although we will never get over the loss of our Blitzen, we are lost without a dog to come home to. Therefore, we have made the decision to get two puppies now. But haven't a clue as to where a good kennel might be. Any advice on how to find the perfect dachshund would be so appreciated. Many thanks. We love your blog. Please don't give it up. Sincerely, Pam

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