Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Dachshund Weather Report With Keith Carson

What's the weather like in Bangor, Maine? Let's check in with our favorite meteorologist Keith Carson at WLBZ2 and find out....or more aptly, let's check in with his Dachshund 'Reeses':

My dog, Reeses, is a great indicator of air temperature. When I take him out I get different levels of urgency based on the conditions.
Over 50 F-SLOW. Saunter around a bit, sniff every bush in a 10 block radius, make sure another dog hasn't even considered marking his favorite iron fence down the street. Oh, and if we have time, let's grab some gelato.
30-50 F: Some urgency but no big deal. Probably skip the 10 block tour and replace it with a quick neighborhood patrol.
10-29 F: Not digging the overall situation. He understands why he has to go outside, but would rather I build him a heated greenroom for this purpose. Either way, he won't waste time outside pouting.
Under 10 F: "Why, evil parent, would you even bring me outside in such life threatening conditions?" He shivers. He stares. He tries to run back to the door. Either way, he won't be peeing. He is a disgrace to the fact that he was bred to survive the cold winters of Germany (Dachshund).
Anyhow, it's been COLD lately, but conditions will improve rapidly tonight and tomorrow.

We love it!  Get all of your weather with Reeses and Keith Carson at WLBZ2.

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Jayne D. and AnnieBelle said...

He is very Dachshund-typical!! They hate the rain, cold, wind - conditions need to be just right! Kindly, Jayne and Annie

fish said...

Stillwell won't venture onto the lawn below a certain temp and prefers to pee on the tires of my still garaged car.

Wimpy dachshund!

Anonymous said...

Love Reeses!

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