Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ringo Says: Yes, Dachshunds Do Smile!

Smiles everyone, smiles!

Thanks so much to our friends Debi, Ellen, and handsome happy 'Ringo' for writing in to clear up some misinformation in the latest Dachumercial video by Dogster's Julia Szabo (in the post immediately below this).  They write:

Dear Joey and Maggie,

We are long-time readers of your blog - first thing in the morning we get up, have breakfast, and then get online to check out all the doxie news! This morning we watched the "Dachumercial: Understanding Dog Breeds: Dachshund" video, and felt we had to write to you. The woman in the video said that Dachshunds do not smile. That is so untrue! To prove it, I am forwarding a few recent pictures of Ringo smiling. Now, Ringo won't smile at everyone, he's a bit reserved around strangers, but with family he is so very loving! And our last Dachshund, Vladimir, used to smile with all his teeth showing! It's obvious to us that this woman has never been owned by a Dachshund, otherwise she would know better... You can't have a sweeter, more loyal dog than a Dachshund.
God bless you all, and thanks for giving us smiles every day!

We couldn't agree with you more.  We're waiting for Ms. Szabo's retraction. 


Anonymous said...



Jayne D. and AnnieBelle said...

Of course doxies smile!! This guy makes me smile - what a beautiful boy he is!! Jayne and (smiling Annie)

Maya's mom said...

Our doxi smiles with her teeth showing too! Always first thing in the morning, and always when we come home, and sometimes when just hanging on the couch with daddy (but only with him).

Debi said...

Thank you so much, what a pleasant surprise to see our baby on your blog today! ^-^

~Debi, Ellen & Ringo

Holly Diane said...

awww I love his smile!! I just love seeing a happy doxie.

Lexi said...

I smile too when I am happy or excited, I also frown when I am sad, when happy, my whole face lights up, I am light on my feet, tail wagging, bouncing all over, when I am sad, my ears are down, I look down, tail is down and still, and my lips turn down, so yes we smile, and frown.
Bismarch and Lex

Anne said...

gRRReat smile - a woof, woof to that!!! of course, doxies smile! it's especially to see Ringo's - makes me (us) smile!!

-Roxie Lou, Coco Beane and Annie Em

annie said...

Doxie's not smile? RUBBISH!!!!! My Barney smiles all the time, he is such a happy boy! He even smiles in his sleep! I think he is dreaming of catching bunnies or great big beef bones when he does! That woman obviously has not been owned as Debbie says, or been around this wonderful breed to know what happy little hounds they are!

kalyxcorn said...

awww he IS smiling! tiny boyfriend usually does that in his sleep. :)

marie said...

I also watched that video, and thought the same thing. I am the owner of 2 dachsies and they smile all the time with pearly whites shining bright!

pattik said...

I've had my mini doxie for 3 years now & am still impressed how big his smile is! What an awesome breed!

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