Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dachshund Relaxation: Wiener Dog Days

We're so jealous of that South Florida weather!  Get that American Eskimo!  By youtuber directx1.


Keren Hening said...

Now THAT'S a smart way to keep those extra pounds off! Great pool!

Whit said...

How cute and entertaining!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, there is nothing like water to give us a second revival running session in the yard. Mom has a kiddy pool for us 4 dachies and we sure love getting a wet down in the dead heat. We run like those dogs in the video after a soak too. Mom makes sure she hoses down the patio stones too as they burn our paw pads, they get that hot. Mom says they burn her feet too so a good cold hose down is a bonus for all. Hope ya all get to enjoy a summer soak in a pool no matter how big or small, u will love it. Bark to all later. Hum, mom is it hot enough yet outside for a dip. He He. Sass, LollPop. Shilo and Miss Maggie

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