Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dachshund Lost In Tornado-Related Wreck Found 5 Weeks Later!

With tornadoes devastating much of the United States this spring, it's awesome to hear a story of hope when there is such despair.  Excerpt from WTOK out of Meridian, Mississippi:

Newscenter 11 told you the story of a lost dog, Ruby, who was missing after her owners were involved in a storm-related traffic mishap April 15 in Kemper County.
Amazingly, after five weeks on her own, Ruby has been found and reunited with her owner from south Alabama.
The year-old dachshund was traveling with her owner, Tabitha Ankerson, along Highway 45 when they encountered a deadly tornado. Ankerson's car was flipped over, and afterward, Ruby was nowhere to be found.
"Ruby somehow got out of the car and she has been living in the woods for five weeks now," Ankerson said.
During those five weeks, Ankerson said it was hard for her to live a normal life.
"Yeah, it was rough. I mean, especially the first few weeks when no one had seen her or anything," said Ankerson. "Not knowing if she was alive or if she was hurt, I mean, I cried every day."

Read more at WTOK.

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Hannalei said...

This needs a major happiness warning. So wonderful :)

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