Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Church of Dachshund

It's not our intention to promote any sort of religion here, but it is Sunday after all, and if you didn't go to Church, and even if you did, enjoy James Robison while he talks about his Dachshund 'Princess.' 
While we don't agree with the good Reverend referring to us dogs as "inferior," - we feel that humans and all animals are on this earth together - we understand that he's trying to make a point, and he seems to surely love his little gal.  One of his comments is almost a little sexist - should we even post this? - but the ladies he talks to laugh it off, so we will too. 
The bottom line is that regardless of your views on religion, as man's best friend, the love of a dog is one of the threads that ties all humanity together.


Keren Hening said...

Dr. Temple Grandin, PhD in animal behavior, quoted the Aborigines in the title of her latest book: "Animals Make Us Human." It's worth reading all her books - she has a rare insight in animal behavior, as a high-functioning autistic.

sinned34 said...

Who needs God when you've got a warm dachshund on your lap?

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