Monday, May 23, 2011

Cracker Barrell Dachshund Bag

Now this would certainly be nice to take to the grocery store for your re-usable bag!  Thanks so much to 'Dean' and his mom Marissa, who write:

Hi Joey and Maggie,
Just wanted to share a picture of a large shopping bag I found at Cracker Barrel last weekend. It shows the front and back of the bag. The best part: it was only $1.99!
I love reading your blog!

Dean, the spoiled rescue Dachshund
Typed by my mom, Marissa, because we don't own a paw-friendly keyboard

Up and at  'em Dean, you've got shopping to do!


Hannalei said...

Oh I WISH WISH WISH we had a Cracker Barrel anywhere remotely close to us. Me so want. :(

Marissa said...

Yeah! Dean says he feels famous. He says it's nice to get some individual attention since he lives here with four other dogs (2 pugs and 2 beagles) and a revolving door of foster dogs. Thanks for posting about us!

Marissa & Dean the rescue dachshund

kalyxcorn said...

aw me want!

Anonymous said...

We love reusable bags! It's way cool that it has a Dachshund on it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on the shopping bags. I will have to pick some up!

Kristi and crew

Whit said...

Score! I found them at my nearest Cracker it love it love it! My Milo is a red smooth, but I've had black & tans in the past - hopefully Milo doesn't realize!

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