Monday, November 1, 2010

Why Dachshunds Hate Halloween

Here's hoping that everyone had a fun and safe Halloweenie!  We're hoping that you got lots of extra treats for all the torture your humans put you through - we know we did!  Above, thanks so much to Erin Wooldridge for sending in the fun photo.  She writes:

Hello Joey and Maggie!
I just came across your blog and wanted to share a cute picture of my wiener dog Peanut!! It's silly how much we love these little dogs! He tried very hard to eat his Halloween wig. Happy halloween!

And Melissa Hawkins sends this festive photo of her trio:  Pepper, Scooby and Milla waiting to attack trick-o-treaters!

In our own neck of the woods, we attended the 6th Annual Halloweenie Gala which was put on by Chicago Dachshund Lovers, a local meetup group.  King Tut, seen here, won the grand People's Choice Award! 

Our pal 'Autumn' took home first place in the "scariest category" as The Bride of Frankenstein!  Her hair was just too much!

And while we didn't win anything this year, we think that we should have scooped the "cutest category."  But we're a bit biased.  We had a great time though!

Have a great Monday.


curator said...

Man, those are some excellent costumes!

Jayne D. and Annie said...

Joey and Maggie should definitely have won for the cutest!! Joey's white-tipped tail is in motion!! He looks like he is about to say "yip"! So happy you were all able to go to the party!! Love, Jayne D. and Annie

Keren Hening said...

Maggie's "cowboy" seems to be drooping. Probably lost some points on presentation, but should have won anyway!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, we thought the pics were all adorable and very hollo-wienie.

crashandcarry said...

This post really made me bust out laughing! My favorite weenie costumes are always the hot dogs, though. A friend of mine always dresses her up (one with mustard and one with ketchup), and they're always SO insulted!! <3

Alicia said...

Yee-Ha! Your babies look the best!

I'm still trying to figure out how to make a millipede costume for Oskar.

BuyWoWWarlock said...

adorable doggies=D
Autumns' hair is wicked!

Jablana said...

Maggie and Joey sure look like they had fun! hehehe...
Greetings fro Slo!

Anonymous said...

Your dogs are cute but your costume is extraordinarily racist

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