Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Waldo Comes In Dead Last In Wiener Dog Race

In a follow-up story to last Thursday's Dachshunds To Watch Out For, 8-year-old 'Waldo' ended up placing dead last in his heat at the Burien Wiener Dog Races in Burien, Washington on Saturday.  But he was first in the hearts of the race fans, who cheered for him and his mom, who had to physically “run” him to the finish line, sprinting in her fairy princess dress.  Now where was a photo of that
Read more and see more pics at B-Town Blog.


Anonymous said...

Waldo, just your spirit makes you a all round winner in every way!!!

curator said...

! I could have driven up to see that! Way to go Waldo, you are truly a winner in my book!!

Whit said...

God love the precious little thing! I agree, he's a winner no matter what place he came in.

Keren Hening said...

Waldo didn't lose - he sashayed . . . with style!!

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