Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stolen Senior Sausage Dog Back Home With Humans

Meet pretty 15-year-old 'Polly' and her human Annabel Dobson, who hail from Darras Hall, Ponteland, England.  Thieves thought Polly was a puppy and stole her along with her crate from the kitchen.  The criminals must have realized their mistake when they noticed that she was deaf and almost blind, so they dumped her in an alleyway miles from her home.  Excerpt from Journal Live:

When Dawn [Annabel' Mother] came home she didn’t realise at first they had been burgled, and seeing Polly’s cage missing she assumed Annabel, a pre-school teacher in Ponteland, had moved her.
But seeing a smashed window and all the family’s flat screen televisions missing, she feared the worst. All her jewellery was missing, including her mother’s, who died over a year ago.
Housewife Dawn said: “My Staffie Heidi was running around and I couldn’t understand it, but then I saw the TV had gone. They’d taken all my jewellery and all my mum’s jewellery, but I was more worried about the dog.”
With the family in tears, distraught daughter Annabel began ringing every veterinary surgery and dog shelter in the area.
Her hard work paid off as, the next morning, Westway Veterinary Group in Fenham, Newcastle, phoned up and said they had the dachshund. A dog walker had spotted her shivering in an alleyway off Wingrove Road and took her to the vets.
Dawn said: “We were crying we were so happy, but she was subdued. She never goes out of the house because she gets frightened, so it must have been very traumatic for her. In all her 15 years she has never experienced anything like that.

Welcome Home Polly!  Read the rest of this troubling but heartwarming story at Journal Live.


Anonymous said...

So glad that Polly was found! Thanks for posting this story Joey and Maggie!

Keren Hening said...

Remember karma. Those thieves will pay for what they did to Polly! Glad she's home!!

Brocante liefde... said...

I'm so happy that she is home!!!!
And Karen you are right,remember karma!!!!!!
A big hug from me and my doxie's!!!!!

Haley said...

Glad that she was found!

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