Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Good Samaritan Rescues Man and Dachshund from House Fire

Just when you think that all is wrong with the world, a story like this pops up.  Meet our newest hero, Robert Towles, and the Dachshund he saved from a burning home in a northern Jackson, Mississippi subdivision yesterday.  Excerpt from the Clarion Ledger:

Towles and co-worker Jay Darby, both employees of Kelty Tile and Marble in Ridgeland, were headed to a job site in the neighborhood when they spotted smoke coming from an attic vent atop the home located at 1035 Hallmark Drive. Concerned that someone might need help inside the home, Towles and Darby knocked repeatedly on the home's doors, and when they got no response, Towles kicked the door in and proceeded inside to warn homeowner Myron Smith.
Smith [who was in the shower] said he had no idea his house was on fire until Towles told him to get out. "He said, 'Well, man, you got to get out of here because the roof is on fire. The house is about to go."
Smith managed to grab a suit, as Towles ran to the back door and rescued Smith's son's dachshund from its kennel.

Read more of this story at the Clarion Ledger.

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Anonymous said...

Thank Dog they were there at the right moment, saving the human and the little dachie who would have never gotten out of his kennel. Hero's in our book.

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