Friday, November 12, 2010

Wiener of Love

Sing-a-long!  Kicking off your Friday with a little light-hearted Dachshund humor, it's Wiener of Love by youtuber dartycolthwain who notes: This is a silly a capella song that I made about my dachshund. It's a song with a double entendre that's actually very nice when you're just thinking about dogs, but if your mind's in the gutter it's dirty as hell.

Have an awesome Friday.


Keren Hening said...

Very funny! But sick, sick, sick!! Spell WIENER right. o.k.?

Crazy Wienerdog Lady said...

you know, when I spell wiener on my cell phone it makes me spell it weiner. you can use wiener or weiner, which is what Merriam Websters claims

Podgirl said...


Like most rules for English spelling, there are exceptions, and weiner and weird display this. In school, you heard: Write i before e except after c or when it sounds like an a as in neighbor and weigh. Exceptions include: beige, codeine, conscience, counterfeit, deify, deity, eight, either, feign, feint, foreign, forfeit, heifer, height, heir, heist, leisure, neither, rein, science, seize, society, sovereign, species, sufficient, surfeit, weight, weiner, weird. (And the list goes on!) Why? The rule only applies to digraphs, so words like deity and science do not count. The rule only applies to digraphs that have the /i:/ (ee) pronunciation, as in "piece." The rule does not apply to words that are recent imports from foreign languages, such as gneiss, dreidel, and enceinte. As far as weiner/wiener, "wiener" is the original spelling (c. 1889, from wiener schnitzel) and weiner is an (erroneous) spelling variant (c. 1961), mainly used in North America.

Keren Hening said...

The rule does not apply to foreign words like "Wiener" which is German for Viennese. "Wien" is the German word for Vienna. "Wiener schnitzel" is German for Viennese schnitzel, a delicious dish.

So we Americans should band together and fight the use of the erroneous spelling variant. Our dachshunds are WIENERS!! Long live the Schnitzels in our lives!!!

Danke schön.

Keren Hening said...

And @Crazy, you should report your cell phone to somebody! Just who - I have no earthly idea!

Keren Hening said...

@Podgirl: Your doxies are SO cute!! Can you crop your avatar to make them bigger? One's out cold and one's on full "Flashie thingie" alert!! I love it!!

("flashie thingie" is from "Men in Black." We use it for camera on

Anonymous said...

Woof, woof and woof!!! These comments are funnier than the song. Wiener vs Weiner!!! Am I a Wiener or am I a Weiner. Bark to ya all later. From LollyPop, Shilo, Sass and Maggie the 4 wieners, err, ops or is it weiners from Quebec. PS Here people refer to us as Sausages.

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