Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bad Dog

Just when you thought Halloweenie was over....Be prepared to be scared.

Bad Dog by youtuber dorkduchessdebbie who notes:  Happy Halloweenie!  This Stinky Badger Production is brought to you by myself and the talented Catty Anne Welborn, and introducing Sushi in her first ever motion picture debut. We hope you enjoy!


curator said...

Oh geez. The horror music was the BEST. Funny stuff!

firstyouleap said...

I really needed this today--dachsie horror is so much better than political horror!

Podgirl said...

Be afraid, be VERY afraid!!!!!!

Keren Hening said...

I'm afraid. I'm VERY afraid! Guinness would never do that, would you? Guinness? Guinness??? GUINNESS!!!?!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH . . . !!!

Anonymous said...

wow, that was GREAT! No babysitting new puppies for me!

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