Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Dachshund Funnies: Fry & Laurie - Mr. Burmie

It's always good to laugh at yourself, right?  We recently stumbled across this Fry & Laurie skit and had never seen it before - hope you haven't either, cause it'll make your Friday.  By youtuber hazel72 who notes:  I swear this is the funniest thing I've ever seen.


Ruby and Penny said...

That was hilarious.
Love Ruby & Penny

Anonymous said...

THAT WAS GREAT! THANKS! Have a terrific holiday!

Chelsea and Wilson said...

hahaha! I talk to my pup like that when he's really good or I'm really happy, so I find this very amusing!
"I'd like this man put down please"

firstyouleap said...

Fry and Laurie are faves but I hadn't seen this yet and I loved it! Wonder, did they just know the joke fit a dachshund's personality or does one of them own a doxie woxie? Jeeves was particularly pleased at the ending--Fry played Jeeves on telly and my coy boy was not pleased at that rubbish coming out of his mouth!
m and j

Sue Fell said...

I hadn't seen this before - it was brilliant!

Taffy said...

Love it! Thanks so much for giving me a giggle today, I needed it!

Debi said...

Oh my gosh, that was so funny!!! I laughed so hard it made me cry! Thank you, I needed that ^-^

~Debi & Ringo

Anonymous said...

Looks like Hugh Laurie had lots of practice being grumpy prior to becoming House!

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