Monday, November 29, 2010

Giving Thanks To An Unlikely Hero

Meet Loretta Birchett and her heroine:  pretty red smooth 'Toots.'  The Baltimore, Maryland duo are seen here enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner organized by the city of Baltimore and the American Red Cross after a tornado destroyed their home on November 17th.  Ms. Birchett has nothing but gratitude for her brave little girl:

Loretta Birchett said she was most thankful for her Dachshund, Toots, whom she credits with pulling her to safety from the storm.
Birchett said the dog's ears stood straight up in the air and she started pulling Birchett by the shirt to nudge her off the bed in the Mount Pleasant Heights apartment. The dog then jumped off the bed. As Birchett went to get her, the ceiling started "peeling back like a can."
"We got everybody out and everybody's OK. That's the most important thing," Birchett said.
She usually has Thanksgiving dinner with her two brothers. This year, they dined together at the high school. Her brother, Ronnie Askew, said the dog repaid a favor in saving Birchett.
"Somebody gave her the dog. She saved the dog's life and the dog returned the gift," Askew said.

Way to go Toots!  Read more about the dinner for tornado victims at The Baltimore Sun.


A MilShelb Mom said...

Just goes to show that dogs never forget a favor. What amazing creatures they are.

Anonymous said...

Way to Toots!!! YOur one of the dachshund hero's we get to read about on this blog. Always knew dachshunds are the best!!!

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