Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dachshund Love Stories: Remembering Cinnamon

It was Valentine’s Day, but my Dad Bruce still ‘feels’
my wet nose & whiskers whenever he looks at me

Dear Joey and Rowdy,

We discovered your tremendously informative and entertaining blog after the loss of our beloved Cinnamon Precious Costa on June 4, 2012.  Immersing our combined selves . . . Cinnamon’s family of humans . . . in everything Dachshund came about as a coping mechanism but was really more like wandering around in shock after a traumatic event.  Except the sadness and sense of loss never ends.  What is it about you Dachshunds, your never ending wellspring of unqualified love, devotion, sensitivity and humor, that makes your passing impossible to deal with? 

We recently read the ‘Anxiety Revisited’ piece on your blog and wanted to send our condolences on the loss of your cherished goddess Maggie last year, as it reminded us of why we love and will forever appreciate our Cinnamon so much.  As you can see from the pictures below, Cinnamon was a beautiful forever young red smooth mini.  She triumphed over two back surgeries and lived a tremendously full and happy life.  Ultimately the horrible scourge that is cancer took our Cinnamon, in spite of chemo and radiation and the tremendous care of the gifted and dedicated doctors who treated her.  July 4th 2012 was the first holiday spent without our Cinnie since New Year’s Day 1999, and the memories described of Maggie’s fear of fireworks, and thunderstorms, and Dad’s efforts to comfort his precious little girl, brought tears to our eyes.  How is it possible to ‘spoon’ with a 15 inch long mini Dachshund?  I don’t know but I miss it more than words can ever convey. 

Bless you for continuing Maggie’s good work.  You are both extraordinarily handsome, and excellent writers,  as well.

Cinnamon's Humans: Mommy Melanie, Mommy Georgette, Bruce, and Chuck

On the lawn Fall 2011 . . . what a beauty!

Cinnie won Miss Congeniality in 2010 Halloween contest!


Anonymous said...

What a spectacular remembrance for such a pretty girl.

Linda and the critters said...

I loved this wonderful tribute!

pugfish said...

How happy Cinnamon looks in these pictures. Nothing so strong as the bond between dogs and humans.

Anonymous said...


We stopped in to visit with Carson, Rowdy and Bette, and of course your forever angel friend Maggie and Joey, and we just needed to talk to you here.

So much has changed since we honored you here in September 2012, girl, but our love for you, and our appreciation for and loyalty to The Long and Short of it All, remains as it was.

Say hello to Maggie and Joey for me, and please remember to send an extra does of love down to their Dad Carson, and Rowdy & Bette, whenever they can.

Your family loves & misses you, Pookie, today and every day.

Love, Your Family

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