Friday, September 14, 2012

Obie The Overweight Dachshund on LIVE! with Kelly and Michael

Keep sharing the love Obie.

Keep up with this big busy guy on his facebook page. 


Kerri said...

I love his sweet face!

And speaking of love and sweetness, <3 the cover photo of Joey and Maggie.

Anonymous said...

Please people, if you're thinking of donating $$$ Keep in mind your local, struggling dachshund rescues. A tubby guy like Odie just needs love , diet and a tummy tuck. I know I'm not alone with this concern..don't hate me!

Anonymous said...

Between his regular vet care and surgery to remove all that excess skin, plus his attorney fees, he's just about got enough to break even. Hope he stays with Nora, where he's happy!

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