Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dachshunds Around The World: (Sausage) Dog Bites

Admittedly, we've never featured anything Dachshund from the country of Zimbabwe.  South Africa, yes, several times - but never Zimbabwe.  Well there's a first for everything, so today enjoy this (Sausage) Dog Bites sign via ~ an online community of Zimbabwean activists.  They note:  Spotted on a run yesterday – This beware of blood thirsty Dachshund sign outside someone’s gate.

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Anonymous said...

Love it!!! WISH I HAD ONE LIKE IT!! I put up a "Beware of guard dog" on my gate and animal control made me take it down as dachshunds don't fit the catagory and also guard dog fenses have to be over 7 ft tall. The reason I put the sign up was to deter salesmen, lawn care contractors, etc etc from coming in yard and making my 4 dachshunds bark for nothing.

Now having a sign like this one, well WHAT CAN THEY SAY or do to make me take it down, LOL

4 barkers from Quebec, Canada

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