Friday, September 14, 2012

Winnipeg Wienerfest!

Thanks to our pretty roving reporter 'Miss Georgia' for sending in the scoop about last weekend's Winnipeg Wienerfest!  She writes:

Hi Joey & Rowdy!

We read your blog every day and love seeing all the great Dachshund stories from around the world!

Mommy, Daddy and I spent this past Saturday at the annual Wienerfest and Dachshund Races in our hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada!  It was a windy day, but that didn't stop us doxies from having a fabulous time socializing, begging for hot dogs (ironically!) and raising money for our local Humane Society! Mommy attached one of the pictures from the site - I'm the little black and tan in the bottom left corner, proudly sporting my Winnipeg Jets NHL sweater to keep warm and begging for hot dog from strangers  :) 

Here's the link to the story and photos:

Some more great pictures here (although less good article):  Winnipeg Sun

Licks & Tail wags,
Miss Georgia

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Anonymous said...

Is this happening in 2013?? If so when?

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