Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Anxiety, Revisited

Maggie's Little Helper

Two years ago today, we posted:

BOOM! Whistle, POP! fizzle....KaPow! It's a tough weekend for 'Maggie,' your 'Long and Short of it All' hostess, and many of our Dachshund friends. Does this herbal anxiety med help relieve the stress? Not really. But along with soothing music, closed windows, lavender spray, kisses, and a few extra treats, it's a start.

Maggie passed away nearly ten months ago, but we still think of her every single day.  You never know what will spark a reminder of the little goddess in your mind - the jingling of a dog tag from around the corner and how she would alert us before she even saw said dog; spring gardening, and how the little goddess would gently burrow her soft furry nose into the business at hand to make sure that every single seedling was being planted properly and with the utmost care; stumbling across a beautiful old photo of the little goddess that you'd forgotten about; or, in Maggie's case, feeling an innate parental need to comfort her whenever thunderstorms strike or whenever fireworks go off.  After all, she was your little girl, your little goddess, and if she wasn't happy you found a way to help her. 
Well, the fireworks have started, and every time there's a sonic boom, we look down at our feet to see if Maggie is OK - where did she go?  Is she so riled that she's hiding behind the toilet or in the bathtub or in the closet or under the bed?   Nope, she's not here.  But how we wish she were just so we could comfort her one more time, hold her silky soft body gently in our arms, and tell her that everything is going to be fine, everything is going to be OK, and nothing will ever hurt you baby girl.  We promise.


Aunt Kim said...

God. I MISS HER :-(

Jenna Calvino said...

I feel the same way. Shorty used to need comfort during fireworks too. Man I miss her. And Maggie. Hold Joey and Rowdy tight!!!!!

kivrin said...

My heart just ached when I read your post. I miss Maggie as well ... and think of her every time I visit your blog.

Give extra hugs and kisses to Rowdy and Joey. Life continues, and the love shared is love multiplied while grief shared is grief divided.

Linda Moss said...

Your Maggie was such a special girl! I remember when she and Joey visited us in our back yard at one of the first meet ups! She was like my Maggie, a little girl person temporarily in a doggie body! She was extraordinarily beautiful girl, those eyes! She is missed by many but she was loved and cared for in the best way possible by her dad and brother, the best gift we can give these doggies who give so much to us!

cynthia (Geneva's mom) said...

Your post is touching, and so true for anyone who has loved and lost a dog. They haunt you forever.

Jane said...

Maggie's remembrance 4th of July post was so touching. I liked what kivrin wrote about love and grief.
So very true. Your post not only made me cry for Maggie but also my little Oscar. Everyday is hard but the gatherings at holiday times make the happy memories we once shared come flooding back.

Anonymous said...


They leave us but never leave our hearts.


Anonymous said...

Awww...such a sweet post about Miss Maggie. These little dogs certainly leave paw prints on our hearts.

Melinda in McLean

Anonymous said...

Carson, so sweet. Maggie was truly your little girl. I miss Ali every minute. Penny is lively fun mischevious spunky playful and all those good things. She is not Ali. I love her and that love will grow. But I still miss my Ali.
I know your heart aches. I do. Thank you always for your kind words of wisdom and the love you have for Dachshunds. Where would we be without you??


Amy said...

We miss you too Maggie.

Anonymous said...

Our Brownie is the same way. He is very anxious around anything - fireworks, thunderstorms, motorcycles. Unfortunately, sometimes he has the other edge too and gets angry and tries to attack our other dogs, assuming they are in a plot against him. Most of the time, he is our sweetest boy, always nosing our laps for extra snuggles, grunting with joy when we scratch his chest and sitting pretty so we'll notice him. Once in awhile, though, he just goes crazy. We did notice it helped to express his anal sacs, but he still gets the "crazy eye" sometimes and we know he's about to attack. Brownie is a rescue, we got him when he was 10 and the pound told us he came from an abusive home.

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