Saturday, January 3, 2009

Vintage Dachshund Greetings

I send you the head
of a Dachshund to-day

Wait for the next part,
Don't throw this away.

Two funny feet towards you trot,
Dear Friend, oh please, forget me not.

The middle of the animal now I mail,
And soon as possible will add the tail.

This Card now makes my dog complete,
It is not intended for sausage meat.

Click any image to enlarge. Huld's Dachshund Puzzle Series No. 2-d. 1906.

These postcards were sent by Ernie Ziegler in Gettysburg, PA, in November, 1906, to "Wilmer H. Shellaman, Mt. Holly Pa," no additional writing on the back. Through the magic of Google, we know that the recipient, Wilmer H. Shellaman, was born 12 May 1887; died October 1968 at Harrisburg, Dauphin, Pennsylvania; married 1907-08 at Mt. Holly Springs, Cumberland, Pennsylvania to Leila M. Bowers, who was born about January 1888 in Pennsylvania. He was a commercial printer. He registered for the WWI Draft at Harrisburg.

(from Joey and Maggie's personal collection)


Kim said...

I so need one of these for my collection!

Moira said...

That is AWESOME! Where do you find these treasures?!

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