Friday, January 2, 2009

Key West Dachshund Walk

One year passes, another begins, it can only be the Annual Key West Dachshund Walk. Woof! The warmth, the was a dachshund dreamland on New Year's Eve as 165 long dogs took to the streets for the 4th annual event. Above, 3-year-old Lilli-Rose Kolbe reaches out to pet black and tan dappled longhair 'Lola' during the walk. Photo Source.

See some great photos and find out more about the walk at No Direction Home.


Michael & Kathy said...

Great Site!! Thanks for the link. The Key West Dachshund Walk is a lot of fun and growing every year. Hope to see you and your readers next year!!

dsg said...

That looks like great fun! Our two longhaired dachshunds Cami and Harry, would love to see Key West.

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