Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Note From Joey and Maggie: Dachshund Massage!

When do we get to do this again? We're exhausted, but boy did we have a nice day. First we went for a car ride to a local dachshund meetup; played, had treats, and sniffed our friends for a few hours, and then we headed to Red Dog House for an event where we got 15-minute massages for $15, all proceeds to a local shelter. We're pretty sure that this was the best 30 minutes of our lives. If you're in Chicago and need a great massage, head over to Bucktown Bow & Meow Pet Spa, and see Ursula Sanchez, certified massage therapist, certified animal hygienist (CAH) and canine massage therapist (CMT). Joey says "It felt great, and I was so relaxed......I loved it when she commented on how muscular I am."

Maggie says "She's a real pro, and her gentle hands are like butter. This is heaven."


cheyne923 said...

Wow, sure does look like it was worth it, Carson! The dachshund meet up was great prep for a massage. Melinda and Jeeves (who is jealous and telling me that he would have stayed still if I'd taken him for a back rub!)

Anonymous said...

You guys look like you really enjoyed your massage. We want one now, too! It was good to see you guys again.

Bogie and Monty

Anonymous said...

It seems like you're a very positive organization. Our experiences with her and Bow and Meow
have been horrible! Go to yelp and see. Jen 9/11/20011...latest.

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