Friday, January 23, 2009

Dachshund Helps Psychologist's Patients

Meet helpful and handsome black and tan smooth 'Louie,' and his human, Dr. Judy Welch, a psychologist based out of Thousand Oaks, California. So he wouldn't have to be left alone as a puppy, Dr. Welch took Louie to the office with her. She soon discovered that he had a knack for helping her patients in therapy! Woof! Excerpt from The Acorn: As the puppy snuggled in a crate while Welch conducted her sessions, clients were drawn to the pooch and began asking that he be allowed to sit on their laps or at least roam the office.
The interaction between Louie and Welch's patients reaped immediate rewards. In the midst of people dealing with "painful and challenging" issues, Louie was able to sense their emotions and had an even greater capacity to adjust his behavior and "physical distance" to each person's comfort level, Welch said.
"He was unbelievable, observant of all the patients but never intrusive," Welch said of her dog, which she now calls her assistant. "Louie has the uncanny ability to understand the emotions of others and is able to accommodate to those mood states. He has a sixth sense, especially for those who are depressed, anxious or feeling overwhelmed."

Read all about "Dogtor" Louie at The Acorn.

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