Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dachshund Recovers From Surgery Burns

Here's an odd little story - meet 7-year-old red smooth 'Pumpkin,' and her human Scott Herron, who hail from Bakersfield, California. Pumpkin was taken to the vets for an emergency hysterectomy on Christmas Eve, and came out with multiple burns on her body, even her nipples turned black. Hospital staff told them heart monitors malfunctioned. Pumpkin's family asked for a refund on the $740 vet bill, but got a free tube of burn ointment instead. Ouch. Read more and see a video at Bakersfield Now.

1 comment:

doxdad said...

Weiners should only be cooked at a hot dog stand, not at a vet's. No refund? Hook up some electrodes to the vet and staff. Cook until done. Zeesh!


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