Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Once Was Lost But Now Am Found

We love these "lost and found" stories with happy endings. Meet 2-year-old black and tan wire-hair 'Percy,' and his human's daughter, Sophie Long, who hail from Ryedale, in the UK. Percy went missing on Christmas Day while staying with Mrs. Long, but thanks to his dog tag, he was returned to his humans after he fended for himself for 6 cold days. Welcome home Percy! Read more at the Gazette & Herald.

Wait...isn't this 'Daisy?' Yep, we met Daisy in Monday's Dachshunds News Roundup. The Nevada City, California, dog was missing for 8 long days in severe snowstorms and presumed dead until some snowmobilers thankfully found her. There's a new, more detailed story about Daisy's ordeals at The Union.

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