Friday, January 30, 2009

A Higher Power of Dogdom

We never cease to be amazed by the innate loyalty of the dog to its canine or human friends. Regular readers of The Long and Short of it All have seen the amazing video of 'Sam,' the loyal dachshund who found his way to his human's funeral. You've also probably seen the above video in some form, as it's been viewed about a million times on youtube, where a dog attempts to rescue it's canine pal after it was hit on the freeway in Chile.

We must admit to being a bit floored when we ran across this post about a loyal dachshund on a motor parts discussion board earlier this week:

My next door neighbor, Chip aka Freelowder has had a run of critter problems at his place. About two weeks ago something ate the heads off of 13 of his chickens. Sounds like a skunk but there was no skunk smell. This last week while Chip was off at work, his wife stuck her head out the door and called their two dachshunds to put em in for the night and here comes the black one dragging the red one by the hind leg leaving a trail of blood. She took him to the vet and after referencing his bite chart he determined it was a cat that did the damage. Maybe a Bobcat. Any ideas on sets for the trapping of this critter? I know they are very territorial and curious. Scents? Help if you can. Gotta get em.

There's also the story of 'Truman,' the American bulldog/Staffordshire terrier mix who waited at the side of the road for 3 long days after his dachshund pal was hit by a car.

Which brings us to this morning, and the following video was posted on youtube; get ready to meet smooth black and tan 'Waters':

Youtuber mhudson1137 writes about Waters: Waters was rescued on January 25, 2009 in Walterboro South Carolina. He was a stray and his dachshund best friend had been hit by a car sometime during the night of Jan 24th. He had been diligently waiting for his friend to revive in the road all night, when I saw him under a church sign across the street from his deceased buddy in 40F temperatures and misty rain. as you can see he's coming along nicely.

It seems that modern-day humans sure have a lot to learn from their loyal companions: never underestimate the power of DOG. Have a great Friday.


Bonnie said...

Are you trying to kill me?

"he lay where she used to lay." This is like a ride on the emotional roller coaster. Again: my favorite blog.

Anonymous said...

These are some AMAZING stories.

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